Big Hero 6 – 6.0/10



“Big Hero 6” is a one-character circus show, and unfortunately it is not the lead one. The only reason it can be considered an entertaining and funny movie is because the charming and amusing Baymax, the big white robot that helps 14-years-old genius Hiro to overcome his problems and solve the mystery that he is after. The rest of the character have one-dimension. That BH6 is a movie for kids doesn’t mean that it can’t have interesting characters (like Toy Story, UP, or any of the films of Hayao Miyazaki). Its biggest weakens is the antagonist, with fake motivations and predictable turns. The animation, the characters design and the action sequences are amazing, I wish that BH6 had surprised me scene after scene as the Lego Movie did.

by Oscar Rodríguez Górriz

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