Faults – 7.0/10



Riley Stearns’s directorial debut is an interesting take on cults and mind control. Leland Orser is perfect as the lead and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is amazing, as she always is. The movie has a couple of great scenes between Orser and Winstead that rise the film to another level, one of them in a bathroom where one is decoding the other one; it’s extraordinary.  The film is well constructed and the plot is strong enough to hold your interest at least for the first hour.  But at the end “Faults” don’t go deeper into anything. The cults remain superficial, as well the mind decoding. Stearn is afraid to push the story further and the ending turns out to be nothing memorable, even predictable. He loves too much his characters and is afraid to put them in more extreme situations. “Faults” put its feet in the water, but it missed doing the big dive.

by Oscar Rodríguez Górriz



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