The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 – 6.8/10



The greatness of this franchise lies in its political message, rich characters and their relations, this film is a proof of that.  The lesser amount of action is not a problem, there’s actually a lot suspenseful scenes, the issue here is that they’re not as memorable as in the previews entries. Since now more characters are involved in the film’s action scenes, a greater time establishing secondary characters complex intentions instead of rushing toward some half-cooked action set pieces could’ve served for a bigger dramatic punch. Jennifer Lawrence delivers her best turn as Katniss yet and Josh Hutcherson surprises with a delicate, nuanced performance. The biggest let down: 365 long days until the final chapter arrives.

By Enrique López Oropeza


This one feels like a “‘tweener” to me, i.e., a movie not meant to stand on its own. It’s a movie meant to bridge what came before with what will come at the end. I must confess that I am late to the “Hunger” game and my first taste of the series came yesterday. I had decided to see “Mockingjay” 1 with a friend. Having never seen an “H Games” movie, I watched the first one, then used the Wikipedia & maybe 20-30 minutes of the second one to prep for the latest installment. I enjoyed the first movie and found the “Hunger Games” concept to be interesting. It reminded me of the old short story, “The Most Dangerous Game”, by Richard Connell. My guess is that this life-or-death reality show concept was likely most intriguing the first time around. We’ll see. I’ve come this far, so I can’t miss part 4. Jennifer Lawrence’s acting is strong, as is Seymour Hoffman’s— and Woody Harrelson is good fun.

by Jonathan of the ForeignFilmcast


First of all, How do you make a movie named ” The Hunger Games” without a hunger game in it? I know that maybe they wanted to stay truthful to the books, but come on, the movie is not targeted only to the fans of the books, it is targeted to mass audiences, they should have taken some liberties and make it more interesting. The first two movies had a cool concept (still I think that “Battle Royale” is way better), this third installment is more like a cheap melodrama. I have to say that Jennifer Lawrence carries all the weigh of the movie. She is a great actress, and thanks to her performance the movie has a few emotional moments. Lawrence is surrounded by great actors, but unfortunately they don’t have much to play with. “THG Mockingjay Part 1” is the consequence of a studio trying to stretch a franchise to win more money; Part 1 could easy be cut down to the length of one-hour and be merged with Part 2 into one single movie – As it is in the damn book!

by Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz


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