Beautifully shot in anamorphic black & white, “A Girl Walks” paints a stylized Farsi-speaking world made in California. I liked the style, but wanted more story. I saw this at Sundance. Based on the audience response, many enjoyed this more than I did. As I don’t speak Farsi and know little about Iran, I’m sure there are things here that are “ungetable/ungettable” to me. My advice: Check out the trailer on YouTube. If you decide you’d like to see the other 98 minutes, then go for it. SPOILER: There’s a vampire.

by Jonathan of ForeignFilmcast.com


“Persepolis” with a touch of Sergio Leone and a bit Robert Rodriguez. The film doesn’t make the mistake of taking itself too serious. Shot in a very simple way, with very powerful images; some moments look like taken from a graphic novel. Every turn is unpredictable; the soundtrack is amazing. Screw “Twilight” or other stupid vampires movies, “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” is the real deal. Be prepared for a dark fun ride.

by Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz

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