Force Majeure – 9.0/10



The movie is rich in subtext; the characters and the dialogue are extraordinary. Director Ruben Östlund creates a family drama with subtlety and elegance; he slowly raises the conflict in a masterful way, without falling in the melodrama. The long takes and static camera bothered me at the beginning, I was begging for a cut or for a reverse shot; then I gave it a pass, I thought that the filmmaker was trying to create a language for the film; but suddenly, at the middle of the movie, he broke his own language: the camera began to move (in a series of pushes in and out) without no emotional reason; it’s seems to me that he was serving the style more than the plot.  But other than that, the movie is perfect; “Force Majeure” remind us how fragile and unstable humans relationships are.  Don’t miss this one.

by Oscar Rodríguez Górriz



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