RUN ALL NIGHT – 5.5/10



Another Liam Neeson’s formulatic action/crime flick; this time he is a retired gunman that has to fight against his powerful ex-boss in order to save his son. There is nothing special in the action sequences – I would love to see more directors doing their own approach to action like Matthew Vaughn in Kingsman or Gareth Evans in The Raid films; the movie is full of generic aerial shots of the city and stereotypical characters: the-mafia-boss, the-thugs, the-Armenians-drug-dealers, the-corrupt-cops, the-only-good-cop-in-town, the-inopportune-kid-friend-of-the-protagonist, the-angry-wife, etc. But to be fair with the movie, it is nothing less of what it promises: a popcorn action film with Neeson doing what he know to do best, kick asses. He is starting to look too old to save the day with is gun, very soon he will be as ridiculous as Stallone and Schwarzenegger doing these kind of films.

 by Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz



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