Telling once again the story of a girl who wins a kingdom for simply being (shoe) size 3, “CINDERELLA” is a live-action fantasy that does little to distance itself from harmful advice such as “you need a man to be happy”. Helmed by Shakesperian connoisseur Kenneth Branagh, it presents a sweet and steady Lily James as the pumpkin riding girl, and Cate Blanchett as a lukewarm villain (not her fault: probably trying to humanize a one-note villain, but ultimately failing to do so). With a wonderful production design, but somewhat over-the-top costumes (more fitting at a quincieañera ball), and almost non-existant musical numbers (for better or worse), the film barely rises above “decent” material: entertaining, but uninspired, not memorable. The splendid THE PRINCESS BRIDE does more for fairy-tales, fantasy in general and young female audiences for the matter.

by Miguel Valdez-Lopez



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