The Divergent Series: Insurgent – 4.5/10


4.0/10 The first Divergent movie was an OK young adult movie but a lazy film overall. Insurgent is just lazy. The addition of great acting talent like Watts or Spencer may seem like a sign of improving what was wrong in the first installment, however they are vastly underused here. Shailene Woodley talents can’t save this boring film with generic action scenes. The good news is that after watching Insurgent you can appreciate how good The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner are so far. SPOILER WARNING: what an anticlimactic end for Winslet’s character!

By Enrique López Oropeza

5.0/10 I like sci-fi. I like movies with a female character in the lead. Sadly, Insurgent fails on both counts. First, its world, a postapocalyptic society disguised as an utopia doesn’t even bother with suspension disbelief as it shows a caste-system society that wouldn’t last a week. Second, its female protagonist, as brave and smart as she strives to be, ultimately keeps getting rescued by her male counterpart over and over again. What should have been a worthy adversary for The Hunger Games franchise, is just a generic set of action pieces with a female lead that is in constant need of a man saving her.

By Miguel Valdez-Lopez



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