The Longest Ride – 4.5 /10



The only thing worse than formulaic romance flick is a Nicholas Sparks’ formulaic romance flick. Sparks’ template goes like this: the movie will start with one of the main characters alone in a different time period (years before or years after the main time frame), then it will jump to the actual time and show you how the main characters met and after that, everything will revolves around a tragic event, taking out of you some tears before the happily ever after. The 10th movie based on a Sparks’ book it is no disappointment; it follows the template beat by beat. Even the camera moments and cinematography are boring and lazy – with exception of a couple of shots of the bull riding. Britt Robertson has a lot of charisma, but she is not given much to play with. There is so much screen time wasted in the subplot of Jack Huston’s character that has little to do with the main plot. Honestly, the only important thing about that subplot could have been reduced to 10 minutes – they spent so much time with that story, that sometimes I was even more interested in that story line than the main one.

I mean… just look at the posters of his other movies. I guess he is not the most original guy (photo below)

by Oscar Rodríguez Górriz




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