Furious 7 – 7.0/10



The movie starts really slow, re-introducing characters and trying to remind us what happened in the previous movies. One of the biggest problems is the plot; it doesn’t have a solid spine, it looks more like small tasks that they have to complete to move on to the next; like chapters of a book or episodes. Another problem is that the best cars sequences and action scenes happen at the middle of the movie, so the last act (climax) feels weak compared to what the characters have already accomplished. There are some very bad efforts of the filmmakers trying to give some substance to the story – like the one of Michelle Rodriguez talking to Vin Diesel in the cemetery about leaving to find herself, just to come back two minutes later. Dwayne –The Rock- Johnson was underused, I wish he had more screen time; but I have to say that every scene that he is in, he kills it. Vin Diesel is just getting better and better, he is perfect as the “alpha” of the Furious franchise. The movie is not as good as the 5th and 6th installments, but I gave a pass to a lot of things because I just can’t imagine how hard was to rebuild the screenplay after Walker’s tragedy – and it worked out way better than I excepted. It is a very fun, stupid, entertaining ride. One last thing, that Paul Walker’s tribute at the end of the movie is emotionally amazing.

by Oscar Rodríguez Górriz



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