Actor Chris Messina makes a very solid directorial debut with “Alex of Venice” – he also has a supporting role in the film. Simple camera movements, slow burning rhythm, silent scenes and a beautiful cinematography provide the typical “Idie film” flavor. The stroy is a newer version of “Kramer vs. Kramer”, but flipping the genders; the one that leaves is the father (the one who know all the house duties), and the one that stays with the son is the mother (business woman alienated from the house tasks).  Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives an amazing performance; lately she has been doing smaller films like “Faults” or “Kill the Messenger” and her work has paid off; I hope her career gets launched soon and she becomes a major star.
The only failure of the film is that it doesn’t have a climax; the filmmakers didn’t push the story to a higher point, so it feels a little flat.

by Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz



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