The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? – 8.0/10



It is a very entertaining and funny (in a good way) documentary. The only problem with the film is that by the middle of it I began to be more interested in the Hollywood producers and their stupidity, than in the particular Superman case. The parts of all the sketches, drawings, sets designs and costume design, felt a little too long. The documentary is about why “Superman Lives” wasn’t made, not about how the movie would have been; and the director’s inner nerd won him over very specific topics and made him forget about the core of the movie – for example they mention that “Superman Lives” was three weeks away to be shot when it got cancelled, but never mentioned the final cast, other than Nicolas Cage. Still, it is worth to check it out; it is an extraordinary effort from passionate Indie Filmmakers, and it turned to be a pretty fun ride. The best interventions are from Kevin Smith; but Jon Peters and Tim Burton are very close. Forget about film school, “The Death of “Superman Lives” will give you a better insight of the big studios’ development process. Looking forward to the Bluray.

by Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz



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