Let me put it in one line: E.T. with guns. The concept of MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is great, but seems like the voice of Jeff Nichols in his 4th film begins to fade. Not sure if its his fault, maybe he had to compromise some stuff with the studio; like adding those Adam Driver’s comic-relief scenes by the last third of the movie that are completely out of tone with the rest of it. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is a film where you can feel the screenwriter orchestrating everything (meaning not very natural), for example: How can a father kidnap his own son? Wouldn’t the cult be the kidnappers? Why Michael Shannon doesn’t go to the police and say “hey, I’m his father and she is his mother, stop chasing us”? Why the cult is so calm (hearing a sermon) when their God (the boy) was stolen? Why Joel Edgerton’s character was not merged with Michael Shannon’s, if he has zero development? Well… it has very good acting and very cheap visual effects.

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