THE BRONZE – 4.5/10


THE BRONZE: predictable with only a few good laughs. I wish Melissa Rauch had found another voice, other than the same squeaky one of Big Bang Theory’s Bernadette (and no, that’s not her real voice, I have heard her talk in person). The problem of the film is that the main character is very unlikable and uninteresting. There are main unlikable character like Johnny Depp’s Whitey Bulger in Black Mass, or James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano in The Sopranos or Javier Bardem’s Anton in No Country For Old Men, but all of them are very interesting, when Rauch’s isn’t. Sometimes a movie only needs one good unique scene to make it worth watching, the closest to that in THE BRONZE is a sex scene that is weirdly cut and very dark to hide Rauch’s body double, so… nah’, wait to watch it on Netflix.

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