Whiplash – 10/10



Intensity – this is the core element of “Whiplash”. Every aspect in this film is strong and compelling; its greatest strength coming in from the music. The editing is electric, the music brilliantly crafted with almost every story beat enhanced by excellent musical cues. Each high or low is expertly aided to bring the audience to the next highlight of the journey. All major characters are well accounted for, with none of them made out to be carboard cut out stereotypes. They don’t just gloss over the narrative, they live and breathe the music – the audience never forgets how integral this is to the characters. Miles Teller and JK Simmons give life to the student and mentor, respectively, and one does not doubt how their love-hate and hate again dynamic defines their relationship from beginning to end. The audience is left on the edge of their seats to figure out if these two warring characters will finally reach a common ground of understanding. “Whiplash” hits all the right notes, and any minor flaw is deemed irrelevant by the excellence of the film as a whole.

by Angelo Agojo


Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize winner “Whiplash” is one the year’s best. Lead actor Miles Teller is amazing and J.K. Simmos gives a performance of a lifetime. Just when you think that the movie can’t go any further, director Damien Chazelle proves you wrong and pushes it to a whole other level of insane and intensity. The film builds up perfectly, every scene is more powerful than the previous one; its like the growing curve of a graph that never goes down. The ending is extraordinary, it finishes just when you reach the peak of that curve; it’s an inspiring film.

by Oscar Rodríguez Górriz