Birdman – 8.5/10



The first half of “Birdman” miraculously transported me three feet above my seat – hovering just like Michael Keaton’s character in that glorious first shot of Alejandro González Iñárritu’s brave new film. Perfect pacing with staccato jazz rhythms. Perfect flowing imagery. Perfect performances. There may never have been a role as nuanced, frenetic, heartbreaking and hilarious as this one by Keaton. In fact, all the actors shine. The second half, unfortunately, with a few too many feel-good-but-you-know-its-ironic moments, left me a bit lower – just one inch in the air. And why do so many movies nowadays turn the camera away from the main character at the climax of the film? Isn’t involvement more entertaining than surprise? Anyway, “Birdman” is a cool movie. Check it out.

by Scott Gist