Interestellar – 8.0/10



Extraordinary and ambitious as all Christopher Nolan’s films. The director is always trying to push the boundaries of cinema, and you can’t do that without having a few failures in the way. There are a couple of plot holes in the third act, but the biggest problem is the first one. I never felt the chaos and desperation of the world dying, the beginning had to be more global and show us more than a house in the middle of corn fields; the audience needed to feel the importance of the interstellar journey. It you try to intellectualize this movie you won’t like it; you have to see it as the experience that it is. If you let you go without trying to find sense to all the complicate science, you will find yourself immerse in this amazing journey.  One last note, Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack is breathtaking.

by Oscar Rodríguez Górriz