Nightcrawler – 8.5/10



Great story, great rhythm, great editing. The mood of this film is extraordinary. The super-high-speed car sequences are masterful. Jake Gyllenhaal owns the role, he blends into the character and invites you to witness the bloody incidents with him. It could have been a perfect film, but it’s limping out of a third act. “Nightcrawler” is missing the “all is lost moment”, that part where usually the character is on his lowest point; sometimes that moment is replaced for moment of weakness and doubt, where the protagonist goal is hanging on a cliff and the next decision that he takes will determine if he succeeds or fails. Gyllenhaal’s character is never in real danger, nor  has to break his brain to take a important decision; he never doubts, he has no weakness. When the end credits began to roll I was expecting another 30 minutes of film. I wanted to see what will lead to the doom of the protagonist or how he will redeemed himself; but well, that never happened.

by Oscar Rodríguez Górriz